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0012. John Meader (1713 - 1797) Gender: M
Born: 1713
Died: 1797

0012. John Meader (1713 - 1797)
John Meader, son of Joseph Meader (1681-1759) [0005] and Charity Nason (b.1682), was born on Nantucket November 16, 1713, lived there all his life and died there April 5, 1797, in his 84th year. He settled in the south part of the island, known as Newtown, on Orange Street. He is listed in the 1790 Census as living in Sherburn, Nantucket, with one other adult male and two females in his house-hold, presumably a married child and spouse.
The "Old Meader House" owned by him at Podpis was originally owned by a Swain, who built it, and it was among the first erected on the island. In 1900 it was the oldest house extant on Nantucket. After the Swains, it was owned by John Meader, and the place was called the "Hannah Meader Farm" after his second wife. It was a great resort for pleasure seekers in those early days. The farm and its owners became widely known and were frequently visited. After John Meader the farm was owned by Barzillai Coffin, and later by Prince Gardiner, when it became known as the "Prince Gardiner Farm."
He married:

1) By tradition, Deborah Chadwick.

2) Hannah Stewart on October 30, 1736, the daughter of Charles Stewart and the granddaughter of Dr. West of Edgartown, Dukes, MA. She died October 22, 1798.

The children of John Meader and Hannah Stewart, were
born on Nantucket:
0027 i. Hepsabeth Meader, born September 11, 1736 and died September 11, 1836 [so the record reads].
1314 ii. George Meader, who died young.
0028 iii. John Meader, born August 11, 1741 and died March 8, 1808.
1002 iv. Jonathan Meader, born about 1742.
0029 v. Charity Meader, born May 6, 1745 and died April 19, 1812.
0030 vi. Francis Meader, born March 11, 1746 and died July 25, 1832.
0031 vii. William Meader, born May 12, 1750 and died in March, 1829.
0032 viii. Hannah Meader, born June 3, 1751 and died October 21, 1825.
0033 ix. Nason Meader, born in 1752.
0034 x. Abigail Meader, born March 10, 1753.
0035 xi. Nicholas Meader, born August 17, 1754 and died December 22, 1836.