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0032. Hannah Meader (1751 - 1825) Gender: F
Born: 1751
Died: 1825

0032. Hannah Meader (1751 - 1825)
Hannah Meader, daughter of John, Meader (1713-1797) [0012] and Hannah Stewart (1736-1798), was born on Nantucket June 3, 1751 and died October 21, 1825, in her 75th year. She was married twice and had children by both husbands, probably two by her first and five by her second.
She married:

1) Ross Bell on June 6, 1768.

The children of Hannah Meader and Ross Bell were:

i. Benjamin Bell, born August 7, 1775. He married Elizabeth Hanax.
ii. Huldah Bell, born September 27, 1776. She was unmarried.
2) Matthew Coleman, son of Benjamin and Huldah Coleman. He was born about 1738 and died May 30, 1821.

The children of Hannah Meader and Matthew Coleman were:

iii. Paul Coleman, born October 25, 1783. He married Abiah Coffin, daughter of Christopher and Abigail Coffin.
iv. Eunice Coleman, born December 22, 1784. She married Jeremiah Lester.
v. Tristram Coleman, born August 17, 1787. He married Eunice Coffin, daughter of Elihu and Eunice Coffin.
vi. Phebe Coleman, born March 19, 1790. She married Robert Jones.
vii. Reuben Coleman, born May 30, 1791.