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0027. Hepsabeth Meader (1736 - 1836) Gender: F
Born: 1736
Died: 1836

0027. Hepsabeth Meader (1736 - 1836)
Hepsabeth Meader, daughter of John Meader (1713-1797) [0012] and Hannah Stewart (1736-1798), was born September 11, 1736 and died September 11, 1836, both on Nantucket. [So the A. A. Meader manuscript reads. However, it is unlikely that she was born nearly two months before her father's marriage to her mother. Either the date is wrong or she was the daughter of a previous marriage, or both. A. A. Meader also gives her name as Hepsibah, but other records use the name as given here.]
On May 21, 1761 she married Daniel Russell, Jr., son of Daniel and Content (Norton) Russell. He was apparently brother to the Seth Russell who married Abigail Meader [0034].
The children of Hepsabeth Meader and Daniel Russell were:

i. Margaret Russell, born July 3, 1763. She married Solomon Folger, son of Solomon Folger.
ii. Phebe Russell, born October 23, 1767. She married Levi Caswell. They had a son David Caswell.
iii. Hannah Russell, born September 3, 1768. She married Obed Foy, son of Joseph Foy. They moved to New York State.
iv. Mary Russell, born August 3, 1770. She married Seth Howland.
v. Sabra Russell, born August 8, 1772.
She married:

1) Western Gifford.

2) James Robinson of Falmouth, Mass. They had two children.

vi. Eunice Russell, born April 6, 1775.
vii. Jedediah Russell, who died young.