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0034. Abigail Meader (1753 - 1821) Gender: F
Born: 1753
Died: 1821

0034. Abigail Meader (1753 - 1821)
Abigail Meader, daughter of John Meader (1713-1797) [0012] and Hannah Stewart (1736-1798), was born on Nantucket March 10, 1753 and died September 23, 1821. Her intention of marriage to Seth Russell, son of Daniel and Content (Norton) Russell, was announced July 31, 1773.
The children of Abigail Meader and Seth Russell were:

i. David Russell, born March 18, 1775. He married Elizabeth Shadwell, daughter of Thomas Shadwell.
ii. Susie Russell, born May 2, 1777. She married John Davis.
iii. Obed Russell, born January 27, 1780. He married Judith Myrick, daughter of Job Myrick.
iv. Jedediah Russell, born November 2, 1781. He married Tamar Coffin, daughter of Obed Coffin.
v. William Russell, born October 30, 1783. He married Betsey Nye.
vi. Deborah Russell, born April 10, 1785.
She married:

1) Barzillai Pinkham, son of Obed Pinkham.

2) Benoni Nicholson, son of Isaiah Nicholson.

vii. Seth B. Russell, born April 10, 1788. He married Abigail Crowell.
viii. Mary Russell, born June 10, 1794.
She married:

1) Elijah Swain.

2) Joseph H. Silva.

ix. Rebecca Russell, born November 13s 1797.
She married:

1) David Cleveland, son of Seth Cleveland, at Nantucket August 15, 1816. He was a Dartmoor prisoner. A mariner, he was steering a boat when a sperm whale dropped its jaw over the stern, biting him in two.

2) Reuben Chace, born October 9, 1790, son of Jonathan Chace and Mary Smith and died January 2, 1867. They had a daughter.

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