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0262. Allen Meader (1810 - )
Born: 1810

0262. Allen Meader (1810 - )
Allen Meader, son of Abraham Meader (1773-1856) [0135] and Sally Allen (b.1778), was born in Ellsworth, ME in 1810. He married Sarah Copp [There may be some confusion here: see 260]. They lived in Ellsworth, where the children were probably born.
The children of Allen Meader and Sarah Copp were:

1057 i. Daniel G. Meader, born January 29, 1836.
ii Caroline Meader, born July 3, 1839 and died June 23, 1842.
1059 iii. Allen Meader, born October 18, 1841.
1058 iv. John Copp Meader, born March 4, 1845.
1850 v. Francis G, Meader, born April 3, 1846.
2673 vi. George W. Meader, born August 16, 1847 and died February 17, 1908.
1851 vii. Jesse Meader, born November 16, 1851.
viii. Clara Meader, born in October, 1854 and died the same month.
1994 ix. George Meader, born August 16, 1848 and died February 9, 1929.
[Note: there were two George Meaders of approximately the same age, who came from Ellsworth and married an Emma; one died in 1908 in Sibley, the other in 1929 in Topeka. The parentage is still confusing as the two seem both to have been sons of Allen Meader and Sarah Copp. We have a copy of the death certificate for George W. Meader with these parents listed.]