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0098. George Franklyn Meader (1783 - p.1868) Gender: M
Born: 1783
Died: p.1868

0098. George Franklyn Meader (1783 - p.1868)
George Franklyn Meader, son of Robert Meader (1743-1815) [0036] and Deborah Coker (1746-1826), was born on Nantucket June 23, 1783 and was living in Easton, Washington, NY at the time of the 1865 Census, and died in 1868. A George F. Meader served during the war of 1812 in the 156th Regiment (VanSchaik's), New York Militia as Sergeant Major and Lieutenant. This may have been the same person, remember that George F. Meader was a Friend; no other George F. Meader in our records could have served at that time.
He settled on a farm in Easton on the Old Turnpike, now Route 40. His lands included the present Meadow View Hatchery and part of the present [1966] Hillman Farm. It was east of and in sight of his father's farm.
March 14, 1805 he married Charlotte Bromley of Danby, VT, born February 8, 1784, sister of Polly [0097] and cousin of Lucy [0096]. Both were living on the farm with their son Robert in the Census of 1865. They were probably buried in the South Quaker Meeting House Cemetery.
In 1780 the Saratoga [Easton] Monthly Meeting approved the establishment of a Preparative Monthly Meeting in Danby, and this in 1795 became independent of the Saratoga Monthly Meeting. There a continued to be frequent contact between Easton and Danby Friends.
The children of George Meader and Charlotte Bromley were:

0203 i. George W. Meader, born March 22, 1807 and died about 1850.
0204 ii. Mary Meader, born February 4, 1809 and died January 19, 1876.
0205 iii. Phebe Ann Meader, born April 9, 1811 and died November 9, 1869.
0206 iv. Daniel Meader, born December 31, 1812 and died in 1887.
0207 v. Robert G. Meader, born November 1, 1814 and died in 1885.
0208 vi. Frederick W. Meader, born December 5, 1816 and died February 25, 1903.
0209 vii. Lydia A. Meader, born January 3, 1819 and died March 22, 1859.
1518 viii. Charlotte Meader, born February 6, 1821. She married Augustus Catlin on January 28, 1846. They had no children.
1519 ix. Charles H. Meader, born August 22, 1823 and died in 1849.
1520 x. Elizabeth Meader, born January 28, 1825. She married Moses Ocumpaugh on February 8, 1848. They had seven children.
1521 xi. Hannah Meader, born October 18, 1824 and died in 1844.
- AAMeader, #31
- Herrington, 19
- Robert E. Meader