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0097. Robert Meader (1781 - 1844) Gender: M
Born: 1781
Died: 1844

0097. Robert Meader (1781 - 1844)
Robert Meader, son of Robert Meader (1743-1815) [0036] and Deborah Coker (1746-1826), was probably born on Nantucket in 1781. He married Polly Bromley of Danby, VT, who was born in 1781 and died in 1848. At first the couple lived in Easton, Washington, NY, where his parents had moved in 1793. Soon they moved to the Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY area, where several of the Quaker families from Danby had settled, some of them relatives of Polly Bromley.
Robert Meader and his wife are buried in the Larkin Cemetery on the Military Turnpike near West Plattsburgh, New York.
The children of Robert Meader and Polly Bromley, all probably born in the Plattsburgh area, were:

1509 i. Deborah Meader, born in 1803.
0202 ii. Daniel B. Meader, born in 1804.
1510 iii. Sally Meader, born in 1806.
1511 iv. James Meader, born in 1808.
1512 v. Betsey H. Meader, born in 1810.
1513 vi. Ruth Meader, born in 1812.
1514 vii. Robert W. Meader, born in 1814.
1515 viii. Harriet G. Meader born in 1816.
1516 ix. Mary Meader, born in 1818.
1517 x. Lorme Meader, born in 1821.