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0268. Susan H. C. Meader (1819 - 1887) Gender: F
Born: 1819
Died: 1887

0268. Susan H. C. Meader (1819 - 1887)
Susan H. C. Meader, daughter of Edward Sargent Meader (1791-1866) [0142] and Clarissa Moore (d.1866), was born, probably in the Durham, NH area, December 16, 1819 and died March 3, 1887. She married Nehemiah Richardson. In 1870 she was a widow in Boston, with one son and one daughter living with her. The other son was in the Army in the West.
The children of Susan Meader and Nehemiah Richardson were:

i. Clara J. Richardson, who died July 9, 1871. Since she was living with her mother she was apparently unmarried. Her uncle, E. B. Howe, husband of Mary Meader [0267], wrote of her: “In her were united all the graces and virtues of woman. Singularly mature in judgment, entirely unselfish, with a sweet and affectionate disposition, all her life she had been the light of the household, and the perpetual joy of those who knew her. Death had no terror for her, grieving only at the thought of the apparent separation from her mother and other dear friends.”
ii. Samuel M, Richardson, who died in 1874.
iii. A son, name not known.