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0142. Edward Sargent Meader (1791 - 1866) Gender: M
Born: 1791
Died: 1866

0142. Edward Sargent Meader (1791 - 1866)
Edward Sargent Meader, son of Mark Meader (c.1750-c.1800) [0051] and Hannah Bodge [or Dodge] (  -  ), was born in Durham, NH on May 7, 1791 and died December 24, 1866, in his 76th year. He was only six or seven years old at the time of his father's death. He married Clarissa F. Moore on December 7, 1812. She died July 7, 1866. Apparently the young couple at some time moved to Thetford, VT, as their son Jonathan [viii] was born there.
He had a large family and only slender means of support. His mother had sold his father's lands. The opportunities for improvement of his livelihood were few, especially since he had not even a common school education, a fact he mentioned often with regret. Having a very active will and good brain, he learned to read by the light of pine knots burning in the kitchen fireplace. He had a wonderful memory and an insatiable desire to know all that was going on in the world. He read eagerly, and whatever he read he remembered.
He had not the ability to accumulate property, but by industry he gave his family a good living, and all of them had a fair education.
He was a pensioner of the War of 1812.
The children of Edward Meader and Clarissa Moore were:

0266 i. Edward Moore Meader, born May 12, 1813 and died March 4, 1889.
0267 ii. Mary A. Jane Meader, born May 16, 1816 and died December 11, 1860.
1608 iii. John B. Meader, born May 25, 1818 and died in 1871 in Amesbury, Mass. He married Fanny Brothers.
0268 iv. Susan H. C. Meader, born December 16, 1819 and died March 3, 1887.
1609 v. Maria F. Meader, born September 20, 1821 and died May 25, 1869.
1610 vi. Samuel Elliott Meader, born June 23, 1823. He died unmarried.
0269 vii. Clarissa Moore Meader, born May 6, 1825.
0270 viii. Jonathan W. Meader, born in Thetford, Vermont on March 4, 1828 and died May 4, 1875.
1611 ix. Hiram Oramid Meader, born April 18, 1830.
1612 x. James Albert Meader, born November 28, 1831 and died in the Civil War.
xi. Sarah L. Meader, born November 23, 1834 and died in February, 1836.