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0267. Mary A. Jane Meader (1816 - 1860) Gender: F
Born: 1816
Died: 1860

0267. Mary A. Jane Meader (1816 - 1860)
Mary A. Jane Meader, daughter of Edward Sargent Meader (1791-1866) [0142] and Clarissa Moore (d.1866), was born on May 16, 1816, probably in the Durham, NH area, and died December 11, 1860. She married Edward B. Howe September 17, 1837, and they lived in Lowell, MA. He once remarked: "She was the light of my household for many years. Since 1860 that light has not shone." He was born January 16, 1816 in Marlboro, MA and died August 11, 1899 at his home in Lowell.
The children of Mary Meader and Edward Howe were:

i. Clara Howe. She married a Dr. Harwood, who died in the Civil War. They had no children. In 1892, she was a bookkeeper in a business house in Lowell.
ii. Sarah Howe, who died January 17, 1875. She married Albert Wilkins. They had no children.
iii. Edward Howe.