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0258. Nathan Avery Meader (1820 - 1901) Gender: M
Born: 1820
Died: 1901

0258. Nathan Avery Meader (1820 - 1901)
Nathan Avery Meader, son of Daniel Meader (1782-1872) [0133] and Nancy Ann Avery (1788-1861), was born at Newbury, VT March 19, 1820 [Volume II shows March 26, 1817] and died at Chester March 18, 1901.
He married:

1) Mary Ann Lamphere on October 16, 1836. She was born February 13, 1816 and died at Claremont, NH February 12, 1853.

The children of Nathan Meader and Mary Ann Lamphere were:

i. Llewellyn Meader, born in Bath, NH May 22, 1837 and died June 20, 1837.
ii. Martin Van Buren Meader, born in Bath, NH April 28, 1838 and died that day.
0390 iii. Nancy Ann Meader, born September 26, 1839.
0391 iv. Benjamin Avery Lamphere Meader, born October 19, 1840.
0392 v. Sarah Ann Meader, born January 10, 1842.
0393 vi. Charles Carroll Meader, 2nd, born January 29, 1843.
1826 vii. Julia Ann Meader, born February 2, 1844.
1827 viii. Eliza Ann Meader, born in Lyme, NH.
ix. Virrie Ann Meader, born May 4, 1846 and died May 22, 1846 at Lyme, NH.
0394 x. Arthur Eugene Meader, born March 9, 1849.
1828 xi. Alice Mary Ann Meader, born October 16, 1852.
2) Eliza Wood Sturtevant at Sunapee, NH October 16, 1854. She was born at Derby, Orleans, VT August 9, 1832, daughter of Zadoc and Mary Alexander Sturtevant.

The children of Nathan Meader and Eliza Wood were:

1829 xii. Nelson Eli Meader, born November 25, 1857 at Claremont, NH.
xiii. Nathan Avery Meader, born September 3, 1859 and died October 2 of that year at Claremont.
1830 xiv. Abbie Florence Meader, born August 16, 1860. She was married.
1831 xv. Eva E. Meader, born September 17, 1864.
xvi. James Meader, born May 1, 1874 and died June 20 of that year.
- Vermont records
- Deloris Meader, Bayport, MN

My records state he was born 26 March 1817 in Newbury, Vt. and died in Chester, Vt. on 16 March 1901. He purchased land in Chester, Vt. on 5 December 1872 from Charles Lock and sold it back to him on 26 May 1877 (Chester, Vt. land records Vol 23, page 15. Nathan and second wife, Eliza, bought property in Windsor, Vt. in 1892 and sold it in 1899. Vermont Tribune - printed at Ludlow, Vt. "Nathan Meader died of pneumonia at his home in Chester. the funeral was held as his home. His body was taken to West Claremont, New Hampshire for interment. (probably where Mary Ann was buried) He was a great sufferer of asthma." In census for 1850 he resided in Claremont with wife Mary Ann and children Julia age 7 and Arthur Eugene age 1. In 1860 he is still in Claremont with wife Eliza. He married Eliza Wood Sturevant at Sunapee, N.H. on October 16, 1854, She died 15 July 1906 and was buried in Windsor, Vt. In the 1880 census he and Eliza were in Windor with children Abbie S. age 19 and Eva E. age 15. In the 1900 census Nathan age 83 and Eliza age 66 are in Chester, Vt.. Mary Ann Lamphere Meader, Nathan's 1st wife, died 12 February 1853 in Claremont, N.H. and was buried (P.486 Union Church record) at West Claremont cemetery. Nathan is listed as a Miller in the 1850 census and a carpenter in the 1880 census.
- Sandy Field - email Aug 27, 2013 #0394 - Arthur Eugene meader was my great grandfather. His daughter, Agnes Etta Meader, was my grandmother.
(2013-08-30 18:53:55 Glenn Meader)