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0180. Francis Meader (1804 - 1846)
Born: 1804
Died: 1846

0180. Francis Meader (1804 - 1846)
Francis Meader, son of William Meader (1785-1880) [0080] and Celia Luce (  -  ), was born November 11, 1804, probably in Industry, a part of Farmington, Franklin, ME. He died in the same town April 4, 1846. In October, 1822 he married Nancy Williard, born February 4, 1809 [ed: but that would make her married at 13] and died in 1876 in Indiana, where she had moved after her husband's death. Presumably she lived with or near her son George [0312] in Fowler, Benton, Indiana.
Francis Meader represented his town in the Legislature in 1838. He was an honest and industrious man, a blacksmith by trade. He opened a shop at Allens Mills, Franklin, ME, four miles northeast of Farmington on Clearwater Pond. He plied his trade as long as he was able. He and all his brothers were fine singers. His four sons were blacksmiths. His daughters were school teachers and good looking.
The children of Francis Meader and Nancy Williard were:

0310 i. Celia Luce Meader, born February 3, 1824 and died September 15, 1883.
1657 ii. Emeline Meader, born November 5, 1825 and died in Illinois December 15, 1883. She married Charles C. Butterfield.
0311 iii. Charles Meader, born April 28, 1827 and died in 1903.
1658 iv. Martha Titcomb Meader, born May 9, 1829 and died July 7, 1880.
0312 v. George Meader, born May 17, 1831.
0313 vi. Philena Luce Meader, born February 13, 1833 and died April 26, 1869.
1163 vii. John Fairfield Meader, born May 3, 1839 and died June 28, 1882 in Los Angeles, CA.
1660 viii. Reuben Francis Meader, born March 14, 1843. He lived in Bradford, Penobscot, ME.