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0080. William Meader (1785 - 1880) Gender: M
Born: February 1, 1785 in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard
Died: 1880 in Illinois?

0080. William Meader (1785 - 1880)
William Meader, son of Francis Meader (1746-1832) [0030] and Mary Holly (b.1751), was born at Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard on February 1, 1785, and he died, probably in Illinois, in 1860. He settled in Industry, in Farmington, Franklin, Maine, apparently with his father, who moved there in 1787. He was a cabinet maker and made furniture for the citizens of Industry and nearby towns. In 1845 he moved to Hampton or Port Byron (they are a couple of miles apart). Rock Island, Illinois, where "William Luce, his nephew, son of his sister Anna Meader [0079], also lived. He was married three times and claimed to have fathered seventeen children.
He married:

1) Celia Luce on March 11, 1803, possibly related to Anna Meader's husband William.

The children of William Meader and Celia Luce were:

0180 i. Francis Meader, born November 25, 1804 in Industry and died there April 4, 1846.
1011 ii. Shubail [spelled Shubael in Volume IV] Luce Meader, born May 17, 1807.
0181 iii. John Wesley Meader, born December 10, 1809 and died before 1858, both probably in Industry.
0182 iv. Alpheus Meader, born September 25, 1815 and died in 1850, probably in Springfield, MA.
1474 v. Cordelia Meader.
vi. Sylvia Meader. She died in infancy.
vii. A child, died in infancy.
2) Sallie Tibbetts [Volume V gives her name as Sarah], daughter of Rev. Nathaniel Tibbetts and Elizabeth Allen, born July 4, 1793. They married in February, 1818. They had no children.

3) Mary Ann Bradbury, born on February 15, 1805 in Industry, ME.

The children of William Meader and Mary Ann Bradbury were:

1475 viii. Sylvia Landers Meader, born February 17, 1825. She married a Williams.
0183 ix. William Henry Meader, born July 4, 1826 and died October 12, 1897.
1476 x. Caroline F. Meader, born in 1827. She married a Bowers.
1167 xi. Guilderoy Meader, born March 4, 1828.
1478 xii. Josephine B. Meader, born after 1828.
1479 xiii. Emeline A. Meader, born after 1830.
1480 xiv. Tamar C. Meader, born after 1832.
1481 xv. Solomon Luce Meader. He lived in Hampton, Illinois.
xvi. No record. Assumedly died young.
xvii. No record. Assumedly died young.