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0130. Samuel Meader (1765 - 1843) Gender: M
Born: 1765
Died: November 25, 1843 in Ryegate, VT

0130. Samuel Meader (1765 - 1843)
Samuel Meader, son of Samuel Meader (1745-1800) [0049] and Ruth Hill (d.1814), was born in 1765, probably in the Ryegate, VT area. He was a cooper and traymaker by trade, and a frequent visitor at the home of John A. Meader's father. [John A. Meader gathered material for an unpublished Meader genealogy of 1912.] He lived in Ryegate, where he died November 25, 1843. One of his sons kept a hotel in Stamford, Bennington, VT.
He married:

1) Molly Downs (probably, according to Lewis H. Meader's recollection, Mary Downs) of Coxhall, at Lyman, ME on November 5, 1793.

The children of Samuel Meader and Molly Downs were:

0240 i. Daniel Meader. He was born in 1794 and died July 15, 1862.
1022 ii. Mary Meader, born about 1800.
0242 iii. Samuel Meader. He was born July 30, 1805 and died March 26, 1882.
0241 iv. Eliza Ruth Meader, also known as Ruth, born May 16, 1807 and died December 10, 1843.
1577 v. Hannah Meader, born October 6, 1811. She married Augustus Merriam of Addison, Steuben, NY. They had eight children.
1578 vi. Jerusha Meader, born about 1812 and died in 1843. She married Stephen Watkins, and they lived in Kirby, Vermont.
2) Louisa Higgins, older sister of Betsey Higgins, his son Daniel's [0240] wife.

The children of Samuel Meader and Louisa Higgins were:

1172 vii. Andrew Meader, born in 1824.
1580 viii. Lois W. Meader, born in 1826 and died unmarried in 1909.
0243 ix. John Hanson Meader, born in 1832 and died June 9, 1863.
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