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0049. Samuel Meader (1745 - 1800) Gender: M
Born: 1745
Died: 1800

0049. Samuel Meader (1745 - 1800)
Samuel Meader, son of Daniel Meader (1718-p.1758) [0020] and Mary Harvey (  -  ), was probably born in Dover, NH in 1745 and died in Barrington, NH in 1800. He married Ruth Hill about 1767 and at that time appears to have moved to Barrington.
Ruth Hill's father was probably Eliphalet Hill. His great-grandfather, William Hill, was taxed at Oyster River in 1675 and 1682. Eliphalet Hill's mother was Hannah Drew, descended from William Drew, born without doubt in Devonshire, England, in 1627. He was taxed at Oyster River in 1648, and in 1653 he was granted 60 acres of upland. The Drews of England claim descent from Drogo, son of Malger le Pons, who was uncle to William the Conqueror.
He served at least twice during the Revolutionary War, from May 27 to August 1, 1775 in the Sixth Poor's Regiment, and from August 9 to December 31, 1780 to recruit three New Hampshire regiments [State Papers of New Hampshire, Volume XVI, pp. 69, 79, 141, 193]. Tradition says that he fought at Bunker Hill with a pitchfork.
In 1795 Ruth Hill Meader with two sons and two daughters went to Vermont and settled for a time in Wheelock, where the eldest daughter, Lydia Meader Otis, was living. Eventually the family (without Samuel) moved to Ryegate and settled there. Samuel Meader, the husband, had remained behind in Barrington to sell his lands before joining his family in Vermont. At the time his family left he had had an offer to buy, but the sale fell through and he had to remain in Barrington, where he continued to cultivate the lands, thereby aiding in the support of his family. Stephen Baggage Meader visited his father there in 1800 and found him quite feeble even though only 55 years old. It is said that Samuel Meader did not recognize his son until he (Samuel) stroked his (Stephen's) wavy hair. Stephen tried to persuade his father to return with him to Vermont, but he refused, saying; he would be unable to endure such a Journey on horseback. Stephen then left his father in the care of relatives and returned to Ryegate.
In a short time Samuel Meader died and was buried “in the grounds belonging to his ancestors,” probably Durham or Dover. Ruth Hill Meader died after 1814 and was probably buried at Ryegate.
The children of Samuel Meader and Ruth Hill were:

0130 i. Samuel Meader, born in 1765 and died in 1843.
0131 ii. Lydia Meader, born about 1767 and died after 1851.
0132 iii. Stephen Baggage Meader, born July 27, 1779 and died July 3, 1855, just before his 76th birthday.
0133 iv. Daniel Meader, born October 21, 1782 and died March 19, 1872.
1409 v. Deborah Meader, born before 1790. She married John Garland and went to Canada.
1410 vi. Betsey Meader, born before 1790.
0134 vii. Sallie Meader, born after 1790.