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2565. Edyth Meader (c.1898 - ) Gender: F
Born: c.1898

2565. Edyth Meader (c.1898 - )

Edyth Meader, daughter of Thomas C. Meader (1870-1941) [1097] and Edyth Chandler (1873-1898), married a Winters and lived in Rock Island, Illinois. They had five children. She was not living in 1980.

The cited record indicates that Perry M. Dodd married Edith M. Meader on 05 July 1917, Marshall, Iowa. Perry M. Dodd, son of Will J. Dodd & Lue Ducan One child was born to this union. Also, it's noted in the Meader Association records that Edith married a Winters & lived in Rock Island, Illinois. Fred Winters, son of James B. Winters & Hattie Smalley. Records indicate Fred Winters was born on 12 July 1882. It is also noted in the Meader records that they had five children. Currently, records at my disposal indicate at least seven,possibly more children in this family. Robert Thomas Winters, father might possibly be Perry M. Dodd ? Edward L. Winters James F. Winters Dixie Rose Winters Female Winters/Cecelia Pearl Templeton (adoption) Floyd Louis Winters Charles Winters
- Source Citation: "Iowa,County Marriages, 1838-1934,"index, FamilySearch ( 23 Aug 2012), Perry M. Dodd and Edith M. Meader, 1917.
(2012-08-24 14:15:06 Deborah Romic-Winters)
Perry Dodd enlisted in WW 1 on 31 July 1918 & Edith had Robert Thomas Winters born November 18th 1918. At this time, I don't have a marriage date for Edith & Fred Winters, so I wonder if Robert may have been the child of Perry Dodd ?
(2012-08-24 14:25:34 Deborah Romic-Winters)
Note for Cecilia Templeton: Other related family members put the line together & wanted to track it all biologically. The only information they found pertaining to the Winters line was in a bible that Cecelia owned. They found it in her belongings after she had passed away. It contained the names of her brothers, and her parents names. The information in the bible read as follows: Cecelia born to Fred and Edith Winters Sept 27 - 1926 adopted by Weldon and Pearl Templeton Sept 29 - 1926 at Des Moines,Iowa. It has brothers listed as: Francis Horton (not sure of actual relation),Fred Anthony, Edward Winters, Robert Winters, Charles Winters & Floyd Winters. There were no sisters listed in Cecelia's recorded bible record, but other records show Dixie Rose Winters, a known sister. This was all written in Cecelia's handwriting. It's not believed that Cecelia ever made contact with her biological line, if she did, it was never mentioned.
(2012-08-24 15:01:36 Deborah Romic-Winters)