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2229. Elizabeth Blossom Meader (1911 - 1925) Gender: F
Born: 1911
Died: 1925

2229. Elizabeth Blossom Meader (1911 - 1925)
Elizabeth Blossom Meader, daughter of William G. Meader (1883-1955) [0589] and Zerrie Huntsman (1885-1911), was born May 23, 1911 in Attleboro and died August 15, 1925 of infantile paralysis.
Her father wrote of her:
"Her mother died of embolism five weeks after the birth. Six years the child was cared for by housekeepers, and in 1917 I married again and she had a more normal childhood. She had finished a half-year at Cranston High School and a year at the Rhode Island School of Design, which she won as a scholarship for excellence in drawing. She had talent for drawing and was to have continued her work in it. She was a devout Christian. She joined the Englewood Congregational Church September 16, 1923 and was a helpful girl in its Sunday School. She had read her Bible through at least once and knew it well. She was happy in being a Girl Scout, and for a time she belonged to the Girls' Friendly Society in Edgewood. She was an obedient daughter and a lovable character, and her future seemed to promise much for her."