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2165. Dorothy Elizabeth Meader (1897 - ) Gender: F
Born: 1897

2165. Dorothy Elizabeth Meader (1897 - )
Dorothy Elizabeth Meader, daughter of Moses A. Meader (1858-1940) [0429] and Katherine Child (1860-1941), was born in North Haverhill, NH June 14, 1897. November 28, 1918 in North Haverhill she married Everett Fowler Sawyer, born July 10, 1897 the son of Clifford N. Sawyer and Carrie Clark. He was drowned in French Pond, Center Haverhill, August 21, 1944.
The children of Dorothy Meader and Everett Sawyer were:

i. Clifford Moses Sawyer, born November 8, 1919. May 14, 1955 he married Shirley May Bruce, born September 26, 1931 the daughter of Henry Bruce and Edna French. They had two children. They were divorced in 1967.
ii. Carolyn Eda Sawyer, born December 6, 1920. July 17, 1945 she married William H. Grass, Jr., born March 17, 1922 the son of William H. Grass and Juna Field, and died April 11, 1978. They had two children.
iii. Carl Clinton Sawyer, born July 16, 1922 in North Haverhill.
iv. Everett Fowler Sawyer, born July 13, 1924 in North Haverhill.
He married:

1 Barbara Waterhouse September 15, 1951. She was the daughter of James and Delia Knapp Waterhouse, born November 23, 1928. They were divorced in 1958, after having had one child.
2) Mrs. Brenda Mason Phelps on September 8, 1972, born April 15, 1950 the daughter of Lloyd Mason and Laura Elliott. They had two children, one adopted.

v. Richard Paul Sawyer, born May 15, 1926 in North Haverhill. December 2, 1949 he married Marguerite Douglas, born October 29, 1931 the daughter of Earl Douglas and Marguerite Day. They had six children.
vi. Katherine Elisabeth Sawyer, born July 16, 1928 and died July 16, 1931.
vii. Merrill Clark Sawyer, born May 27, 1932. October 28, 1954 in Key West, FL he married Betty Lou Elliott, born September 28, 1934 the daughter of John Elliott and Mildred Ball. They had four children.