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2094. Ernest Fred Meader (1877 - 1926)
Born: December 17, 1877 in St. Hyacinth, Quebec
Died: March 5, 1926 in Haverhill, NH

2094. Ernest Fred Meader (1877 - 1926)
Ernest Fred Meader, son of Frederick Ernest Meader (bc.1860) [1056] and his wife Helen (  -  ), was born in St. Hyacinth, Quebec December 17, 1877. He died by suicide March 5, 1926 in Haverhill, NH. According to the Caledonian Record of March 6, 1926:
“At 3 o'clock yesterday Ernest Meader, aged 45, committed suicide by shooting himself through the heart with a rifle. Meader, with his wife and 14 children, live on what is known as Dry Island, near the Boston & Maine roundhouse. The family came here from Ryegate, Vermont and Meader did any kind of work obtainable. They have been in a destitute condition for some time.
“Mrs. Meader heard the shot and found her husband dead in the garage near the house. Selectman A. F. Davis was called at once and the body was removed to Rouhan's undertaking parlor.”
He married Jennie Adams, born January 9, 1888 in Woodsville, NH and died September, 1966 in Plainfield, VT, the fourth child of John W. Adams and Lois M. Ham. John Adams was a railroad brakeman, born in Newport, VT and aged 30 in 1888; Lois Ham, aged 23 in 1888, was born in Bath, NH.
Jennie Adams Meader married George Webb in November, 1927. Their last known address was Barre, VT.
Eight of the children were placed in the New Hampshire Orphans Home on February 16, 1927.
The children of Ernest Meader and Jennie Adams were:

2095 i. Nettie Meader. She married Harry O'Brien in VT and died in Plainfield by 1977.
2096 ii. Ernest Fred Meader, Jr., born in Newport December 3, 1906. He was living in Littleton, NH in 1977.
2097 iii. Doris Meader, born at Derby Line, VT.
2098 iv. Helen F. Meader, born in Newport in 1909.
v. Mabel Meader, born in 1910 and died an infant.
2099 vi. Lillian Meader, born in Woodsville in 1911.
vii. Blanche Meader, born about 1913 and died in infancy.
2100 viii. Nelson Meader, born June 9, 1914. He was hit by a truck and died December 10, 1936.
2101 ix. Hazel Meader, born in Ryegate September 20, 1916.
2102 x. Lois Elizabeth Meader, born in Ryegate September 22, 1917.
2236 xi. John Oscar Meader, born in Haverhill, NH January 31, 1919.
2103 xii. Clayton Meader, born August 10, 1920.
2104 xiii. Mary Meader, born December 24, 1921.
2105 xiv. Archibald Meader, born June 10, 1923.
2106 xv. Grace Meader, born December 4, 1924.
2107 xvi. Ruby Meader, born in Ryegate.
- Alice Meader Moquin [2029], Holyoke, MA