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2018. Robert O. Meader ( - ) Gender: M

2018. Robert O. Meader ( - )
Robert O. Meader, son of Charles A. Meader (1869-1945) [0417] and Lucy Briggs (  -  ), was probably born in Rhode Island around the turn of the century. He became a minister, as was his father, and served in Newtonville, MA. In 1956 he moved to Aptos, CA. In 1977 he described himself as "organic chemist, electronics engineer, priest and farm worker." He had 11 grand-children, five by his son Charles.
The children of Robert 0. Meader and his wife were:

2285 i. Charles Robert Meader, born about 1930.
2020 ii. Mary Lillian Meader.
2021 iii. Esther Robley Meader.