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1125. Edith Mae Meader (1907 - ) Gender: F
Born: 1907

1125. Edith Mae Meader (1907 - )
Edith Mae Meader, daughter of Ralph C. Meader (1873-1928) [1084] and Olive Martin (1877-1954), was born September 1, 1907 in Fairfield, NE. She skipped two grades at school, and her father put her back one, so she graduated from high school at 16 and was in the first graduating class of the Byers, CO high school. She received a lifetime teaching certificate from Greeley State Teachers College, taught one year at Haswell High School, CO, then married. During World War II she did substitute teaching, then worked at a defense plant. After the death of her husband she took a business course at Barnes School of Business and was employed for more than 20 years at Gates Rubber Co. as an inventory clerk, where she received many awards for her accuracy on records. She retired in 1972 and then lived alone.
May 21, 1927 at Eads, CO she married Garnons Hughes Davis, born January 12, 1904 at Ramah, CO the son of Charles Harker Davis and Vienna FiDella Shaffer.
The children of Edith Meader and Garnons Davis were:

i. Donna Mae Davis, born June 27, 1928 at Greeley. May 6, 1951 at Littleton she married Donald Raymond Bagby, born April 7, 1933 at Skidmore, MO the son of Francis Bagby and Eleanor Maude Argo. They had three children, one a twin who died a day after birth.
ii. Maxine Lenore Davis, born November 14, 1929 at Littleton.
She married:

1) Leonard Elmus Katzenmeyer, born July 15, 1929 at Georgetown, CO the son of Leonard and Beulah Katzenmeyer. They had three children.

2) James Vincent Travis December 27, 1976 at Denver. He was born June 11, 1928 at Fort Morgan, CO. They were divorced in 1979.

iii. Stanley LeRoy Davis, born February 16, 1931 in Haswell and died July 9, 1951 in a train-truck accident at Sedalia. He was unmarried.
iv. Dorothy Marie Davis, born November 11, 1932 at Fowler, CO. November 4, 1951 at Littleton she married William James Roberts, born December 11, 1932 at Gloucester, MA the son of James Sargent Roberts and Marjorie Morris. They had five children.
v. Donald Hugh Davis, born April 30, 1934 at Littleton. July 6, 1953 at Englewood he married Patricia Anne Robohm Aberanzk, born March 29, 1936 at Denver. There was one child.
vi. Arthur Glenn Davis, born October 10, 1935 at Littleton. June 24, 1956 at Littleton he married Dellene Kay Kuhnle, born February 24, 1937 at Denver the daughter of William Kuhnle and Dorothy Lowe. They had four children and were divorced.
- Donna Mae Bagby, Littleton, CO