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1083. Frances Helen Meader (1869 - 1919)
Born: 1869
Died: 1919

1083. Frances Helen Meader (1869 - 1919)
Frances Helen Meader, daughter of Nathan P. Meader (1843-1900) [1046] and Mary McKee (1840-1817), was born at Auburn, Nebraska March 12, 1869 and died at Long Beach, California February 24, 1919. She was not married.
An obituary of Frances Meader in the Long Beach newspaper read in part:
"In 1905 the family moved to Fairfield, Nebraska; in 1913 to Roseburg, Oregon; and in December, 1917 to this city.
"Graduating June 3rd, 1897 from the State Normal School of Peru, Nebraska, her life work was teaching. A most excellent instructor, she held responsible positions in the schools of Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and for seven years taught in the State University of Wyoming.
"She was a life-long member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and when falling health compelled her to rest from teaching, her zeal for the cause of her Lord led her to travel as Field Secretary of the Topeka Branch of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society. Of her ability in presenting the needs of the mission fields, the press gave many proofs in the flattering notices of her appeals to her audiences for the work so near her heart.
"Her personality was particularly strong and attractive, both in her public work and in her personal relations. In her presence one was inspired to be and do his best. Hers was a life of faith, devotion, and service, and many, very many, have been influenced for righteousness, and led into a life of service by her teaching and example.
"Mrs. Nettie M. Davison accompanied the body to Roseburg, Oregon, where funeral services were conducted by the Methodist Pastor, J. C. Spencer, and she was laid to rest by the side of her mother and sister to await the glad Resurrection morning."
- Donna Mae Bagby, Littleton, CO