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1066. Esther Neal Meader (1894 - )
Born: 1894

1066. Esther Neal Meader (1894 - )
Esther Neal Meader, daughter of Francis Herbert Meader (1862-1949) [0293] and Josephine Elliott (1869-1941), was born in Albion, RI January 20, 1894. She lived all her life on the Deborah Hill Farm homestead in Albion, the original home of Daniel Meader [0161], September 20, 1916 in Manville, RI she married Albert Binyon, born November 26, 1892 the son of George Binyon and Sarah Needham.
The children of Esther Meader and Albert Binyon were:

i. Lillian Josephine Binyon, born May 3, 1918 February 19, 1937 she married Robert Schofield. They lived in Lincoln, RI. They had three children.
ii. Leonard Albert Binyon, born July 15, 1921. November 16, 1943 he married Barbara Broderick. They lived in Lincoln. They had two children.
iii. Ralph Earl Binyon, born March 16, 1925. January 6, 1951 he married Joyce Stockton. They lived in Cranston, RI. They had two children.