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0293. Francis Herbert Meader (1862 - )
Born: 1862

0293. Francis Herbert Meader (1862 - )
Francis Herbert Meader, son of Daniel Meader (1826-1894) [0161] and Louisa Neal (b.1826), was born May 23, 1862, apparently on the Deborah Hill Quick farm near Albion, RI. December 25, 1886 he married Josephine Elliott, daughter of Joseph and Emma Elliott.
The children of Francis Meader and Josephine Elliott were:

1893 i. Herbert Fremont Meader, born September 13, 1888.
1894 ii. Bertha Elliott Meader, born May 25, 1891.
1066 iii. Esther Neal Meader, born January 20, 1894.

Josephine's brown silk taffeta plaid dress that she wore for her wedding is on exhibit at Hearthside house museum in Lincoln, RI today. Frances and Josephine lived at the Three Holes in a Chimney House after his parents moved to Hearthside. Frances and Josephine had a daughter, Esther Neil Meader, who married Albert Binyon in 1916. Her white lace wedding dress is also on exhibit at Hearthside. When Frances died, he deeded the Three Holes in a Chimney House to Esther and Albert.
- Hearthside Newsletter, anuary 2011- Vol 4, Issue 1
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