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1047. Cyrus Cross Meader (1844 - )
Born: 1844

1047. Cyrus Cross Meader (1844 - )
Cyrus Cross Meader, son of Gideon Meader (1816-1868) [0234] and Louisa Purinton (1820-1900), was born in Wisconsin August 26, 1844. He married Josephine Martin on May 4, 1864. She was born in Vermont in April, 1844 the daughter of Porter Martin and Margaret Griffith. They lived in Pawnee City, NE.
The children of Cyrus Meader and Josephine Martin were:

2504 i. Bertha Meader.
2505 ii. Lillian Meader, who married a Harry.
2506 iii. Gideon Meader.
2507 iv. Harry W. Meader, born in Nebraska in October, 1876.
2508 v. Blanche A. Meader, born in Nebraska in July, 1879.
2509 vi. Herbert L. Meader, born in Nebraska in November, 1881.
- Donna Mae Bagby, Littleton, Colorado
- Southeastern Nebraska, 276_278