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1038. Charles Meader (1855 - 1913) Gender: M
Born: 1855
Died: 1913

1038. Charles Meader (1855 - 1913)
Charles Meader, son of Valentine Meader (1810-1893) [1016] and his wife Sarah (1818-1886), was born at Madrid, IA March 4, 1855 and died at Elm Springs, SD in July, 1913. He married Martha L. Pierce, born June 30, 1858 at Polk County, IA the daughter of Alexander Pierce and Elizabeth Esliek(?). She died in 1909 at Elm Springs.
The following is taken from a Pierce genealogy:
“The Meader family arrived at the end of the railroad in Rapid City during a howling blizzard in March, 1894. Their destination was their homestead at Elm Spring, where they were to arrive some blizzard-filled days later.
“Charles Meader and the two oldest boys, Tene and Alex, had ridden in the stock train with the horses and cows and other belongings, and arrived ahead of the rest of the family.
“Martha Meader had the girls with her: Allie, Una, Libbie and Ida, the little crippled girl. The Charles Raybourne family - Alice Raybourne was Martha's sister - came on the same train for the same reason. The Raybourne homestead bounded the Meader place on the west.
“Family tragedy caused by ill health was the primary reason that the Meaders left a very comfortable home twenty miles north of Des Moines to pioneer a homestead in Meade County, South Dakota.
“The Meader family was large; two children passed away in Iowa and five made the trip West with their parents. The children born in Elm Spring were Myrtle, Blake, Hazel and Floyd.”
The children of Charles Meader and Martha Pierce were:

i. Jessie May Meader, born at Madrid February 1, 1877, where she died in February, 1894.
1169 ii. Valentine ("Tene") Meader, born February 14, 1879.
2491 iii. Alice Meader, born November 7, 1882.
2492 v. Alexander Meader, born November 7, 1882.
1073 v. Una Edith Meader, born at Madrid April 6, 1884.
2493 vi. Sarah Elizabeth ("Libby") Meader, born September 9, 1886.
vii. Ida May Meader, born June 20, 1891 at Madrid and died in July, 1900 at Elm Springs.
viii. Frank Meader, born in 1893 and died November 11 of that year.
[note: the listing for the eighth child, Frank Meader, is from the published Volume IV. In the notes to Volume IV, this Frank Meader is listed as the fifth child of James A. Meader [1037]].
1074 ix. Myrtle Rebecca Meader, born September 23, 1894 at Elm Springs.
2494 x. Blake Meader, born March 23, 1897 at Elm Springs and died April 8, 1927 at Banning, CA.
2495 xi. Hazel Meader, born November 24, 1899 at Elm Springs and died May 5, 1935 at Deadwood.
xii. Floyd Meader, born June 4, 1905 at Elm Springs and died October 28, 1920 at Deadwood.
- Dee Meader, Bayport, MN
- Lyla Ash, Sierra Vista, AZ