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1010. Lavina Meader (1804 - 1870)
Born: 1804
Died: 1870

1010. Lavina Meader (1804 - 1870)
Lavina Meader, daughter of Nathan Meader (1771-1848] [0070] and Sarah Varney (  -  ), was born July 31. 1804, probably in Lincoln, VT, and died, probably there, April 13, 1870. November 12, 1828 she married John Huntington, son of John Huntington and Jedidah Bunker, born February 13, 1534 and died February 5, 1881.
The children of Lavina Meader and John Huntington were:

i. Sarah Jane Huntington, born June 24, 1830. May 10, 1849 she married Robert Elliott, born October 2, 1823 in Paisley, Scotland and died September 29, 1907. She died February 18, 1875. They had five children.
ii. Achsah S. Huntington, born September 10, 1833 and died May 15, 1932.
She married:

1) William Taber.

2) Rev. Seneca Hazard.

iii. Eliza Huntington, born January 25, 1837 and died June 29, 1865. She married Henry Bostwick, who died March 18, 1862.
iv. Clark S. Huntington, born October 11, 1842. He married Ellen Bates.
Note: Four children of John Elliott and Janet Gilmour of Paisley, Scotland married Meaders:
Robert Elliott married Sarah Huntington (above).
Isabelle Elliott married Daniel Meader [0173].
John Elliott married Sarah Meader, daughter of Ezra and Lucy Meader [1641].
Lydia Elliott married George Meader, son of Ezra and Lucy Meader [1641].
- Alice Meader Moquin, Easthampton, MA

Grandchildren of Lavina (Meader): children of Sarah Jane (Huntington)and Robert Gilmour Elliott: 1. Cynthia Sitane Elliott, b. 19 Sept, 1851, Lincoln, Addison, VT; d. 10 Jun 1906,Colchester, Chittenden, VT, and is buried in the North Ferrisburgh Cemetery; m. (1) Cassius M. Tabor (1851-1890), 1 Mar 1881, Ferrisburgh, Addison, VT. m. (2) Newell E. Clifford (1850-1931), 29 Aug 1899, Burlington, Chittenden, VT. He d. Burlington, Chittenden,VT. She had two children with her first husband: a. Elliott Tabor(1885-1885)buried in North Ferrisburgh Cemetery, VT; b. Hazel Tabor Marks (1886-1955) The couple had no children. She is buried in North Ferrisburgh Cemetery, VT 2. Irving Green Elliott, b.31 Aug 1853, Lincoln, Addison, VT; d.29 Aug 1946 East Windsor,Hartford, CT. buried in Lee Cemetery, Lincoln, Addison, VT; m. Carrie Ruth Lee (1857-1929), 30 Apr 1885, Lincoln, Addison, VT, she is also buried in the Lee Cemetery. The couple had three children: a. Ruth Jeannette Elliott, b.22 Dec 1887, Shelburne, Chittnden, VT; d.14 Apr 1964, Hartford, Hartford, CT, buried in the Scantic Cemetery, East Windsor, Hartford, CT; m. Robert Adelbert Parker 1880-1942), 10 Dec 1908, Shelburne, Chittenden, VT. Ruth & Robert had two daughters: 1) Jeannette Carrie Parker, b.3 Sept 1909, Shelburne, Chittenden, VT; d. 3 Jun 1987, Rockville, CT, buried Scantic Cemetery, East Windsor, Hartford, CT; m. Gustave Adolph Swanson (1903-1972), 13 Aug 1930, Watertown, CT. They had one daughter, Sally Augusta Swanson (7 Feb 1944; m.15 Jun 1968 Rockville, CT to Philip S. Brown, Jr). Sally and Philip has one son: Philip Swanson Brown, b. 23 Jun 1978, Hartford, CT; m. 112 Nov 2011 to Heather Lee Bixby; They have one daughter: Halle Lauren Brown, b. 26 Feb 2014, 2) Margaret Louise Parker, b. 10 Apr 1913, New Haven, Addison, VT; never married; age 102 in 2015. b. Robert Lee Elliott, b. 31 Jan 1893, Essex Junction, VT;d. 13 Mar 1991; m. Olive Louise Work (1898- ), 7 Jun 1919, Claremont, N. H. They had two children: 1)Robert Allen Elliott, b. 2 Jul 1922; d. 5 Mar 1996; m. Ardys Parshley, 25 Dec 1945 2)Dorothy Olive Elliott, b.31 Mar 1928; m. Gerard Dubreuil 6 Oct 1951 c. William McIntyre, b.6 Mar 1895, Shelburne, Chittnden, VT; d. 7 Jul 1935, Shelburne, Chittenden, VT; buried in Lee Cemetery, Lincoln, Addison, VT; never married. 3. Lavina Janette Elliott, b. 1855 or 1856; d. about 1858 or 1859 4. Edna Annette Elliott, b. 22 Oct 1860, Lincoln, Addison, VT; d. 16 Oct 1956, Burlington, Chittnden, VT; m. Arthur Benedict (1862-1943),20 Feb 1884, Shelburne, Chittnden, VT. a.they had one son, Charles Bendict, b. 9 Dec 1884; d. 6 Apr 1963, Rutland, Rutland, VT 5. Charles Clark Elliott, b.1 Jul 1868, Shelburne, Chittenden, VT; d. 13 Nov 1921, Acworth, N. H; m. Frances Perham (1865-1928).
- Find a Grave, viewed on on 4/30/14 Vermont Vital Records, 1720-1908, marriage certificates;death certificates, viewed on Ancestry,com, 4/30/14 U. S. Census records for VT, CT, N.H. Conversations with family members
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John Huntington, Jr gravestone

Sarah Jane Huntington and Robert Elliott

Lavina Meader's gravestone