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0173. Daniel Weed Meader (1823 - ) Gender: M
Born: July 25, 1823 in Lincoln, VT

0173. Daniel Weed Meader (1823 - )

Daniel Meader, son of Asa Meader (b.1775) [0072] and Mary Chace ( - ), was born probably in Lincoln, VT, July 25, 1823. In 1860 he and his first wife were living in Monkton. His mother, his unmarried sister Orpha and John Elliott were living with them. John Elliott, then 22, presumably brother of Isabelle, may be the man who married Sarah Meader [1643].

He married:

1) Isabelle Elliott of Paisley, Scotland, born April 15, 1828 and died May 10, 1876.

The children of Daniel Meader and Isabelle Elliott were:

0304 i. Edgar Weed Meader, born December 19, 1846 and died in August, 1935.

0305 ii. Janet (or Mary or Nettie) Meader, born February 9, 1851 and died June 20, 1931.

2) Mary (Abby) Roberts, daughter of Thomas Roberts and Elizabeth Roberts and granddaughter of David Roberts and Hannah Meader [0057]. They had no children.