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1004. Isaac Meader (1799 - 1899) Gender: M
Born: 1799
Died: 1899

1004. Isaac Meader (1799 - 1899)
Isaac Meader, son of Moses Meader (1752-p.1840) [0040] and Jane Otis (b.1759), was born May 1, 1799 in Alton, NH and died in Haverhill, MA November 8, 1899, aged 100 years.
He and his son Ebenezer were in the real estate business together in Goshen, and at one time or another they owned nearly every place in town. They traded the real estate back and forth, as was the custom in Goshen at the time, to avoid paying taxes. Isaac finally settled down to living in the Ordway place (Jeschke). Possibly his wife inherited it. In 1864 he sold it to Joseph Perkins (probably the husband of his daughter Mehitable). At that time he gave $400 to Ebenezer to take care or him and his wife Hannah Thompson for the rest of his life. That part of Goshen was the Meader neighborhood.
He married:

1) Syrena Ordway February 28, 1822, born January 10, 1803 in (Goshen) South Conway, NH.

The children of Isaac Meader and Syrena Ordway were:

2437 i. Mary Jane Meader, born November 5, 1822.
2438 ii. Sally H. Meader, born April 26, 1824.
2439 iii. Dorothy Ann Meader, born November 16, 1825.
2440 iv. Lorenzo D. Meader, born August 21, 1827.
1013 v. Mehitable D. Meader, born September 24, 1829.
2441 vi. John L. Meader, born August 18, 1832.
1715 vii. Ebenezer H. Meader, born May 14, 1834 and died December 3, 1917.
2442 viii. Betsey H. Meader, born May 14, 1834, twin to Ebenezer.
2443 ix. Albion Meader, born September 22, 1838.
2444 x. Charles F. Meader, born May 3, 1842.
2) Hannah Smith Thompson in 1860. She was born March 14, 1819 in Eaton, NH and died December 22, 1889. She was buried in Haverhill.

- A. A. Meader, 34