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0040. Moses Meader (c.1752 - p.1840) Gender: M
Born: c.1752
Died: p.1840

0040. Moses Meader (c.1752 - p.1840)
Moses Meader, son of Moses Wyer Meader (1717-p.1749) [0014] and Martha Canney (b.1718), was probably born in New Durham, NH a little after 1750. In July 9, 1777 he married Jane Otis of Barrington, NH. The Reverend Jeremy Belknap, D.D. performed the ceremony. He moved from New Durham to Alton, Belknap, NH and died there. He was a very profligate young man and once cursed his father to his face. A neighbor told him that the curse of God would follow him throughout his life, and this proved literally true. He had a large family, but he lived and died a wretched, miserable man. His sons were farmers.
He was in Captain Winborn Adams' Company, Colonel Poor's Eleventh Continental Foot, on June 2, 1775 at that time a Durham husbandman 23 years old. [History of Durham, I, 124.]
The children of Moses Meader and Jane Otis were:

1005 i. Robert Meader, born April 8, 1778.
1203 ii. Ebenezer Meader, born November 11, 1781.
1375 iii. John Meader, born February 8, 1784 at New Durham and died June 2, 1808.
iv. Thomas Meader. [A Thomas Meader was married in 1800, but he could not have been this man unless the birth order here given is wrong.]
1376 v. Mary Meader. She married James Merrill December 24, 1817.
1377 vi. Mercy Meader, born September 18, 1787 at Alton. She married John Kennison.
1384 vii. Rebeckar, born April 30, 1790 at Alton.
1382 viii. Elizabeth Meader, born March 11, 1792 at Alton. In 1821 she married John T. G. Foss of Dover.
1174 ix. James Meader, born April 16, 1794 at Alton.
0102 x. Moses Meader, born October 18, 1796 at Alton.
1004 xi. Isaac Meader, born May 1, 1799 at Alton.
1380 xii. Joshua Meader. He married Hannah Ordway at Conway, NH November 15, 1827. Their son was Otis Meader.
1383 xiii. Sarah (Sally) Meader, born January 9, 1801 at Alton.
1208 xiv. Thomas Meader, born 1780
[Note: Neither Mary (v) or Thomas (xiv) is mentioned by Moses Meader in a record he wrote which is filed in the office of the Town Clerk, Alton.]
- Jane Meader Nye, Ballston Lake, NY
- AAMeader, #34
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