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0511. Marjorie Meader (1891 - 1979) Gender: F
Born: Jan 1891 in Waterville, ME
Died: April 5, 1979 in Boston, MA

0511. Marjorie Meader (1891 - 1979)

Marjorie Meader, daughter of Ora A. Meader (1860-1942) [0410] and Jeanette Nash (d.1942), was born in Waterville, ME, November 6, 1891 and died in Boston April 5, 1979. She was a newspaper columnist and radio personality in New England with an interview and talk show which she conducted from a Boston station under the name of Marjorie Mills. She was retired in 1966.

She married:

1) Dustin Lucier in Waterville in May, 1917.

The child of Marjorie Meader and Dustin Lucier was:

i. Janet A. Lucier, born in Waterville January 27, 1919 and died in November, 1970. She was married to Charles B. Gordon. A child was:

a. Janet Andrea Gordon, born at Boston on September 21, 1945.
She married:

1. Mark T. Quinters.
2. Robert W. Van Arsdale.

2) Robert Arthur Burns. They lived in Winchester, MA. He died in February, 1950. He brought to the marriage a son, James McGregor Burns, who won the Pulitzer Prize as a historian.

- The Boston Globe, April 6, 1979.

Marjorie Died June 16 1979 age 86
- Marjorie Meader Mills Obituary:
(2012-03-06 23:02:05 Robert H. Meader)
I am the Grandson of Marjorie Meader, born in 1891 in Waterville, Maine. She is my maternal grandmother. There are mistakes and omissions in her genealogy listed here. I would like to correct it. I do not know how. Christopher Michael Gordon (#90 on the registered list).
- Personal Information:
(2015-12-27 20:51:10 Christopher Gordon)
i. b. Christopher Michael Gordon Jr. born 12/4/1941 Boston, MA He married Dorothy Andrea McManus Gordon Robert Burns was married to Marjorie Meader, not Janet Gordon.
(2016-05-27 16:42:49 Heather Williams)