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0411. Melissa Ann Meader (1863 - 1920)
Born: 1863
Died: 1920

0411. Melissa Ann Meader (1863 - 1920)
Melissa Ann Meader, daughter of Otis Meader (1835-1911) [1869] and Hannah Fuller (1834-1908), was born March 7, 1863 in Albion, ME and died March 24, 1920 at Freedom, ME. November 20, 1883 she married Robert Martin Oliver, a farmer in Georgetown, born January 4, 1830 and died in Freedom February 16, 1901. [Volume V shows that Melissa was probably Oliver's second wife. An earlier spouse was Sarah Barlow, and their daughter Ada Oliver was born in 1861.]
The children of Melissa Meader and Robert Oliver were:

i. Cleve Kimball Oliver, born September 15, 1884 and died October 15, 1969. He lived in Montville, ME and never married.
ii. Ray Meader Oliver, born August 31, 1887 and died July 17, 1967 in Montville. October 28, 1944 he married Thirza MacQuarrie Warren of Thomaston, born March 8, 1900. They lived in Montville. There were no children.
iii. Roy Adelbert Oliver, born April 20, 1889 and died September 7 of that year.
iv. Warren Herr Oliver, born March 13, 1891 and died in August of that year.
v. Hannah Jane Oliver, born October 18, 1893 in Freedom. In Albion in 1911 she married Albert Spaulding of Unity Plantation, born October 17, 1881 and died January 16, 1936. He was son of Gersham Flagg and Florence Witham Spaulding. They lived in Tacoma, WA and had nine children.
vi. Fred Burgess Oliver, born August 8, 1898. October 7, 1922 in Augusta he married Florence Boulter Gordon of Knox, ME, born April 17, 1899 daughter of Leroy Warren Gordon and Mary E. Sylvester. They lived in Cumberland Centre and had two children.
vii. Robert Linwood Oliver, born June 6, 1901 and died February 24, 1950. He married Dorothy MacIntyre of York, June 30, 1923. She was born October 3, 1900 and died September 3, 1975. They had three children.