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0403. Mary Bertha Meader (1855 - 1936) Gender: F
Born: 1855
Died: 1936

0403. Mary Bertha Meader (1855 - 1936)
Mary Bertha Meader, daughter of Nathaniel A. N. Meader (1827-1914) [1605] and Lucy Neal (1834-1917), was born July 31, 1855 in Chelsea, ME and died in Hot Springs, SD January 25, 1936.
She married:

1) Thaddeus Warren Hines in February, 1875 at Toledo, Iowa. He died December 14, 1890 at Hill City, SD. There were no children.

2) Will Roy Holloway in June, 1892 in Rapid City, South Dakota. He was a rancher. He died in 1927 at Keystone, SD. There were no children.

Will Roy Holloway married Mary B. Meader Hines under the name of Will Roy. He claimed he had served in the Louisiana Cavalry during the War Between the States. A few months before he died it was discovered that his real name was Will Roy Holloway and that he had been a Union soldier. He was tried for shooting a man he claimed stole his horses. When the case went against him he shot his way out of the courtroom with a smuggled gun and fled. He was never recaptured.
After his death his widow applied for and received a pension as the widow of a Union soldier.

Mary Berha Meader and Thaddeus Hines had one daughter. The Hines family moved to SD in 1888. T.W. Hines is buried in the Hill City, SD Cemetery. Josephine Edna Hines b. Feb 18, 1880 in Toledo, Tama Co, Iowa. Josephine had one daughter out of wedlock (Ruth Esther b. Sept 9 1898). Josephine married William Thompson Harris May 28, 1902. They had 3 children, one of which was my granddad, Stephen Foster Harris. I have a family photo of Mary, T.W. and Josephine (baby). The photo is from Mary's photo album, now in my father's possession. I also have photos and documents of Mary and Erastus F. Holloway, (Wm. Roy's REAL NAME). In Mary's jouranl, his real name, Erastus F. is recorded along with a brother named Noah Holloway. Nancy Harris Edwards
- Mary Meader's Journal, T. W. Hines Obituary, Mary Meader's Photo Albums, etc
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