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0321. Charles Edwin Meader (1838 - 1887) Gender: M
Born: 1838
Died: 1887

0321. Charles Edwin Meader (1838 - 1887)
Charles Edwin Meader, son of Ezekiel Elliott Meader (1814-1896) [0185] and Lydia Felker (1815-1906), was born December 18, 1838 in Milan, Ripley, IN and died September 9, 1887, apparently in Hesper, IA. May 5, 1867 he married Rosina Fenton Blackman of Bennington, OH, in Decorah, IA. She was born July 19, 1847.
He served three years in the 9th Iowa Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He was wounded in the Battle of Pea Ridge, was in Sherman's March to the Sea and also in the Battles of Vicksburg, Chancellorsville, Mission Ridge and others. He lost one eye and was discharged during the last year of the war.
When he came of age, his father gave him 80 acres of land in Hesper, enough timber to fence it, a yoke of oxen and a suit of clothes.
The children of Charles Meader and Rosina Blackman were:

0435 i. Pamela Meader, born October 9, 1870.
1928 ii. Elizabeth Amy Meader, born September 19, 1872.
1929 iii. Agnes Henrietta Meader, born September 19, 1876.