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0266. Edward Moore Meader (1813 - 1889) Gender: M
Born: 1813
Died: 1889

0266. Edward Moore Meader (1813 - 1889)
Edward Moore Meader, son of Edward Sargent Meader (1791-1866) [0142] and Clarissa Moore (d.1866), was born May 12, 1813, probably in Durham, NH and died March 4, 1889, probably in Philadelphia. He married Mary McConomy, daughter of Captain J. W. McConomy and Mrs. F. W. Evans [sic]. Since she was 2 1/2 years older than he and died aged 63, she was probably born in November, 1810 and died sometime in 1874.
He was a printer and foreman for J. W. McConomy.
The children of Edward Meader and Mary McConomy were all probably born in Philadelphia. They were:

1854 i. Edward Sargent Meader, born August 23, 1838. He was unmarried.
1855 ii. Francis W. Meader, born August 17, 1840. He married Fannie Hillings Wilkinson.
1856 iii. Samuel E. Meader, born November 14, 1842.
1857 iv. William H. Meader, born December 8, 1844.
v. Clara M. Meader, twin to Mary S., born November 29, 1846 and died December 6, 1848.
1858 vi. Mary S. Meader, born November 29, 1846.