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0246. Mary Ann Meader (1810 - 1866) Gender: F
Born: 1810
Died: 1866

0246. Mary Ann Meader (1810 - 1866)
Mary Ann Meader, daughter of Stephen Baggage Meader (1779-1855) [0132] and Eliza Gates (1784-1811), was born December 19, 1810, probably in Ryegate, VT, and died April 17, 1866. She married John M. Lamphere, apparently in 1829. He was probably related to Mary Ann Lamphere, who married Mary Ann Meader's cousin Nathan Avery Meader [0258].
The children of Mary Meader and John Lamphere were:

i. Charles Edwin Lamphere, born in 1830 and died in 1901.
He married:

1) Grace Lotta.

2) A Henderson.

ii. Mary Ann Adelaide Lamphere, born March 5, 1833 and died March 5, 1855. In 1853 she married Charles Stevens. She died leaving a six-week-old infant. She was much beloved by all who knew her. Her dying charge, "Lay the babe upon my bosom," written by her husband's nephew, will long be remembered. Mr. Stevens was a returned Californian, where he had been successful. He was many years older than his wife, to whom he was tenderly attached.
iii. Martha Helen Lamphere, who died in infancy.
iv. William Nelson Lamphere, who was a Quarter-master in the 40th Mass. Regiment during the Civil War. He died in the Army.