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0222. Ezekiel Meader (1820 - 1900)
Born: 1820
Died: 1900

0222. Ezekiel Meader (1820 - 1900)
Ezekiel Meader, son of Enos Meader (1790-1864) [0111] and Sally Jewell (1795-1839), was born July 22, 1820, probably in Lincoln, VT and died in Quaker, MI in 1900. He married Ruth Purinton, daughter of Chace Purinton and Ruth Harkness, born in 1829 and died in Quaker in 1889.
He was a Minister in the Society of Friends, a successful carpenter and blacksmith. He also repaired clocks and machinery for neighbors. He was taken ill shortly before their child was born, with "inflammatory rheumatism," apparently poliomyelitis. His legs were paralyzed, and he was confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. At the 1860 Census, they had living with them a William Meader, then 13 and born in Vermont. He was surely not a son, but has not been traced.
They lived many years in Lincoln before moving to Quaker, near Jackson, MI.
The child of Ezekiel Meader and Ruth Purinton was:
0372 i. Mary Elisabeth Meader, born May 5, 1865 and died August 9, 1924.
- Deloris Meader, Bayport, MN
- 1860 Census