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0372. Mary Elizabeth Meader (1865 - 1924) Gender: F
Born: 1865
Died: 1924

0372. Mary Elizabeth Meader (1865 - 1924)
Mary Elizabeth Meader, daughter of Ezekiel Meader (1820-1900) [0222] and Ruth Purington (1829-1889), was born May 5, 1865 in Quaker, MI and died in Rollin Township, Hudson, MI August 9, 1924. She married Albert A. Stevens, born October 16, 1862 and died December 3, 1943.
Albert and Mary Stevens were successful farmers in Rollin all their lives. Her parents, Ezekiel and Ruth Meader, lived their later years in the Stevens home.
The children of Mary Meader and Albert Stevens were:

i. A son, born June 28, 1883 and died five hours later.
ii. Ruth Maria Stevens, born February 14, 1888.
She married:

1) Floyd Cooper, born September 17, 1887 and died during the influenza epidemic, on February 21, 1920. They were farmers. They had two children.

2) Frank Jackson October 22, 1924. He died in 1961. She later lived in Addison, MI.

iii. Bertie Stevens, born January 14, 1893 and died January 27, 1893.
iv. Roy Eldon Stevens, born August 1, 1894. He was inducted into the Army August 18, 1918 and served as a ward master in a base hospital in Toulouse, France. He was honorably discharged May 6, 1919. May 6, 1920 he married Hildred Belcher, born April 6, 1898. They were dairy farmers in southern Michigan until he retired in 1956. Later they lived in Adrian, MI. They had two children.
v. May Florence Stevens, born April 7, 1897 and died October 16, 1943.
She married:

1) DeWitt Maines. They had two children and were divorced.

2) Porter Beal, born February 21, 1881 and died October 25, 1956. He was a farmer. They had four children.

vi. Erla Belle Stevens, born May 7, 1899.
She married:

1) Kenneth Totten, born July 7, 1900, on August 24, 1920. They had a daughter and were divorced.

2) Erwin Sloan, born June 3, 1893 and died January 15, 1958, on May 7, 1939. She later lived in Hillsdale, MI.

vii. Minnie Elizabeth Stevens, born May 30, 1906. She married Oliver Porter, born May 5, 1910, on August 3, 1932. She and her husband taught school for about forty years before retiring in 1969 and 1970. They had two children and lived in Standish, MI.
viii. Meader E. Stevens, born September 9, 1908. He married Helen Geraldine Boley, born February 15, 1911, on June 3, 1932. He was employed by the A & P Tea Company, from which he retired in 1973. They had one son and lived in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Only child/daughter of Erla Belle Stevens (daughter of Mary Elizabeth Meader (0372)) was born with the name Kathryn Louise Totten (B: Oct 6, 1923) and is still living in New Port Richey, FL. Kathryn was married to Robert MacLachlan and had one child/daughter, Diane Lee MacLachlan (B: Nov 16, 1944). They divorced. She remarried Thane Rutherford Hall about 1970. They had no children. Although Thane had 2 adopte children from a previous marriage. Diane married Larry Wayne Haller. They had 3 childen: Kenneth Paul Haller(B: Jan 6, 1967), Michael Alan Haller (B: Dec 20, 1970), Janeen Lee Haller (B: Apr 4, 1972). Diane and Larry are still married and living in Goodyear, AZ. Kenneth lives in Chicago, IL. Married to Alicia Bumba. One child, Ethan Patrick Haller. Michael lives in Mason, OH. Married to Melissa Alane Davis. Three children: Meredith Lee, Davis Michael, Elise Claire. Janeen lives in Arvada, CO. Married to Stephen Abernethy. Three children: Emma, Sophia, Stella.
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