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0165. Elisha Meader (1788 - 1877)
Born: 1788
Died: 1877

0165. Elisha Meader (1788 - 1877)
Elisha Meader, son of Paul Meader (1765-1842) [0068] and Deborah Knight (  -  ), was born at the home of Deacon Joseph Smith, in Meredith (Winona), N. N. [sic, probably NH] February 23, 1788 and died March 2, 1877. He served on Lake Champlain during the War of 1812.
About 1835 he and his family moved from Warren to the Culver place in Bath, NH. Two years later they moved to a mountainside farm in Benton. Two years later they spent a year at the Benton poor-farm. Then for several years they lived in a house Elisha built in Haverhill Center on the road running to Swiftwater.
While he was building the Haverhill house his family lived with Elisha Pike's family in their log house on Benton Road, on the Haverhill side of the Benton line. After his son Paul bought the farm on Colby Hill, Elisha worked it for a year. When Paul married, Elisha bought a farm on County Road. Here he and his second wife lived until they moved to the Reed Bacon place on Pond Road, where they lived with their son Webster until they died.
He married:

1) Susan Smith, about 1814. She was born August 19, 1790 and died September 28, 1831, daughter of Deacon Smith and Betsey Marston.

The children of Elisha Meader and Susan Smith were:

0295 i. Samuel Knight Meader, born August 9, 1816 and died April 30, 1898.
0296 ii. Joseph Smith Meader, born March 7, 1818.
iii. Betsey Smith Meader, born June 18, 1820 and died in 1839.
0297 iv. Mahala French Meader, born July 9, 1822 and died September 2, 1857.
0298 v. Paul Nason Meader, born June 27, 1824 and died March 2, 1899.
1631 vi. Deborah Meader, born July 18, 1828 and died January 16, 1848.
vii. Elisha Meader, born August 8, 1830 and died young.
2) Widow Abigail Foss Webster.

The children of Elisha Meader and Abigail Webster were:

0299 viii. Daniel Webster Meader, born June 13, 1832.
0300 ix. Elisha Knight Meader, born December 4, 1834.
0301 x. Moses Blood Meader, born November 1, 1837.