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0157. Mehitable Meader (1820 - 1862)
Born: 1820
Died: 1862

0157. Mehitable Meader (1820 - 1862)
Mehitable Meader, daughter of Stephen Meader (1782-1856) [0062] and Sarah Whitehouse (1780-1858), was born in Rochester, NH on August 17, 1820 and died there on December 15, 1862. On July 2, 1846 she married Joseph M. Hanson, son of Tobias Hanson and Hannah Meader [0107], who was her fourth cousin once removed. He was born on July 4, 1818, apparently in Brookfield, Carroll, NH, and died April 29, 1896. They lived in Meaderboro, Rochester, NH.
She possessed an affectionate disposition and a love for the beautiful in nature, beloved by all her friends. Her hold on life was strong, but through redeeming love she was able to resign her family and confidently trust in her Saviour.
The children of Mehitable Meader and Joseph Hanson were:

i. Hannah M. Hanson, born June 25, 1847 and died April 25, 1917. She married Samuel Malden [Samuel T. Melbourne, according to Sinnett]. [According to Volume V, she married Samuel F. Malbon, who according to his gravestone was born March 25, 1834 and died on February 25, 1918.] They lived in Boston, MA.
ii. Sarah Elizabeth Hanson, born February 2, 1850. In March, 1867 she married Edward H. Meader [0287], son of Benjamin Meader [0158] and Mary Atwood, and her first cousin.
- Ruth Meader, Meaderboro, NH
- AAMeader, #125