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0107. Hannah Meader (1780 - 1846) Gender: F
Born: 1780
Died: 1846

0107. Hannah Meader (1780 - 1846)
Hannah Meader, daughter of Joseph Meader (1753-1820) [0042] and Abigail Field (1759-1784), was born in Durham, NH March 18, 1780 and died in Brookfield, NH in October, 1846, in her 67th year. On May 2, 1799 she married Tobias Hanson of Rochester, NH, and they moved to Brookfield. She apparently joined the Society of Friends in 1784 when her mother and siblings did.
The children of Hannah Meader and Tobias Hanson, all presumably born in Brookfield, NH, were:

i. Joseph Hanson, born July 7, 1801 and undoubtedly died before 1818, when a younger brother was named Joseph.
ii. Joshua Hanson, born December 23, 1803 and undoubtedly died before 1823, when a younger brother was named Joshua.
iii. Abigail Hanson, born February 10, 1806.
iv. Mary Hanson, born May 3, 1808.
v. Tobias Hanson, born April 25, 1810.
vi. Elizabeth Hanson, Born June 14, 1812. She married Jonathan Nutter as his second wife. (Her mothers cousin. Charity Meader [0103], married Winthrop Nutter and Isaac Nutter.) (Olney Thompson Meader [0282] married Susan H. Nutter, possibly her - Elizabeth's - daughter.
vii. Moses Hanson, born June 9, 1815.
viii. Joseph M. Hanson, born July 4, 1818 and died April 29, 1896. He married Mehitable Meader [0157].
ix. George Hanson, born June 6, 1820.
x. Joshua Hanson, born March 13, 1823.
xi. John Hanson, born November 14, 1826.