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0141. Olive Emerson Meader (1791 - 1875)
Born: 1791
Died: 1875

0141. Olive Emerson Meader (1791 - 1875)
Olive Emerson Meader, daughter of Daniel Harvey Meader (1749-1819) [0050] and Jerusha Wormwood (1751-1843), was born in Kennebunk, ME April 22, 1792 and died October 20, 1875, in her 84th year. January 26, 1815 she married William Bly, Jr., son of William Bly and Mary Meader [20.v.] of Fayette, Kennebec, ME, and brother of Sally Bly, who married Olive's elder brother Joseph [0138]. Olive and William were first cousins. He was born June 28, 1791 and died September 20, 1860, in his 90th year, after an illness lasting thirteen and a half years. Olive Meader Bly was helpless for years before her death. They settled in Vienna, Kennebec, ME, about ten miles north of Fayette.
The children of Olive Emerson Meader and William Bly were:

i. Benjamin Meader Bly, born March 7, 1819, probably in Vienna, and died March 30, 1888.
ii. Adeline Maria Bly, born September 7, 1827, probably in Vienna, and died April 10, 1891.
iii. Olive Mary Bly, born October 21, 1832, probably in Vienna, and died October 27, 1885. She became blind in 1852 and amused herself by composing poetry which, although rude in form, betrayed considerable depth of feeling.