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0050. Daniel Harvey Meader (1749 - 1819) Gender: M
Born: 1749
Died: 1819

0050. Daniel Harvey Meader (1749 - 1819)
Daniel Harvey Meader, son of Daniel Meader (1718-a.1758) [0020] and Mary Harvey (  -  ), was born in Dover, NH on May 10, 1749 and died on October 17, 1819, in his 71st year, in Litchfield, Maine. On October 1, 1772 he married Jerusha ["Ivenstha," according to William Granville Meader] Wormwood, who was born December 9, 1751 the daughter of Benjamin and Adah Wormwood of Kennebunk, Maine, and died in May, 1843. They settled in her home town.
In May, 1775 he enlisted in the American Army to serve eight months under Captain Dorman and Colonel Scammon. At the end of his enlistment he continued three months longer under a Littlefield of the same regiment. He was in the Battle of Bunker Hill and was present when Boston was evacuated by the British on March 17, 1776. Having served his time, he left the Army about April, 1776.
In 1794 he moved to Litchfield, Kennebec, Maine, then an unsettled country, made a clearing and spent his days there.
The children of Daniel Harvey Meader and Jerusha Wormwood, all born in Kennebunk, Maine, were:

0135 i. Abraham Meader, born March 25, 1773 and died August 3, 1856.
0136 ii. Sally Meader, born April 22, 1776 and died September 25, 1860.
0137 iii. Hannah Meader, born October 6, 1777 and died February 13, 1800.
1252 iv. Daniel Meader, born March 5, 1779. [See note].
0138 v. Joseph Meader, born June 10, 1782 and went away November 14, 1813.
1411 vi. Daniel Meader, twin of Joseph, born June 10, 1782 and died April 4, 1809.
0139 vii. Edward Meader, born August 25, 1785 and died July 11, 1860.
0140 viii. Benjamin Meader, twin of Edward, born August 25, 1785 and died April 22, 1876.
0141 ix. Olive Emerson Meader, born April 22, 1792 and died October 20, 1875.
[Note: Daniel [1252] may not belong in this line of descent. While it is possible that this Daniel was an earlier son born in 1779, it is not likely. There is no other “Daniel” in the current genealogy that would work as this Daniel's parent. The connection of this Daniel to the Meader genealogy has not been proven. The descendants of Daniel [1252], shown in listings 1253, 1254, 1255 and 1256, may be correct, but also have no current connection to the genealogy.]