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0134. Sallie Meader (a.1790 - ) Gender: F
Born: a.1790

0134. Sallie Meader (a.1790 - )
Sallie Meader, daughter of Samuel Meader (1745-1800) [0049] and Ruth Hill (d.1814), was probably born in Ryegate, Vermont sometime after 1790. She married Andrew Lockie of Scotland. He was a well-educated man, a schoolteacher and land surveyor, famous for singing the songs of his native land. They lived in Vermont. He died from exposure to the cold.
The children of Sallie Meader and Andrew Lockie were
i. John Lockie. He went out West and died of consumption.
ii. Andrew Lockie. He went out West and also died of consumption.
iii. Statira Lockie. She married Ira Allen.
iv. Louisa Lockie. She married William Woodward.
v. Sarah Lockie.
vi. Irene Lockie.