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0105. Mary Meader (1775 - 1838) Gender: F
Born: 1775
Died: 1838

0105. Mary Meader (1775 - 1838)
Mary Meader, daughter of Joseph Meader (1753-1820) [0042] and Abigail Field (1759-1784), was born in Durham, NH April 20, 1775 and died at Farnham, Quebec, Canada in August, 1838. She married James Varney of Dover, NH in January, 1797 and soon thereafter moved to Lincoln, Vermont, where her six children were born. She was a recognized minister of the Society of Friends, of which she became a member in 1784. In 1814 she paid a religious visit within the limits of the New England Meeting, accompanied by Ruth Mealy.
The children of Mary Meader and James Varney were:

i. Abigail Varney, born in 1799 and died June 24, 1871. She married Samuel Bush and they lived in Lincoln.
ii. Valentine Varney, born about 1801. He married Content Briggs and they lived in Lincoln.
iii. Daniel Varney, born about 1804.
He married:

1) a Dow.

2) Keziah (Beede) Lamos, widow of James Lamos and eldest sister of Moses H. Beede, who married Huldah A. Meader, daughter of Valentine Meader [0106]. Daniel and Keziah Varney settled at Fond du Lac, WI.

iv. Lydia Varney, born about 1807 and died April 9, 1853. She married John Page. They lived in Lincoln and had a large family. He died July 4, 1871: he went to a neighbor's whose dog had worried his sheep, seemed much excited, said he would kill the dog, and dropped dead.
v. Ezra Varney, born about 1810. He lived unmarried in Lincoln.
vi. Mary Amy Varney, born about 1813. She married Hervey Taber, born June 8, 1813 the son of Charles and Eliza (Brunnell) Taber.