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0106. Valentine Meader (1777 - 1837)
Born: 1777
Died: 1837

0106. Valentine Meader (1777 - 1837)
Valentine Meader, son of Joseph Meader (1753-1820) [0042] and Abigail Field (1759-1784), was born in Durham, NH on August 6, 1777 and died December 12, 1837 while in Brownsville, PA on a religious visit. He was a carpenter by trade. His parents and he became members of the Society of Friends in 1784, when he was seven. His mother died that year.
In 1797 he moved to Ferrisburg, VT and first appeared in the ministry the following year. He traveled extensively among Friends and others. Valentine took a Certificate of Clearance to Starksboro June 3, 1818 from Ferrisburg. In 1822-1823 he performed a religious visit within the limits of the Ohio Yearly Meeting. In 1832 he and his family moved from Vermont to Vassalboro, ME. In 1837 he left home on a religious visit to Friends and others within the limits of the Baltimore, New York, Ohio and Indiana Yearly Meetings. He then went to Brownsville, attending meetings all the way. He was attacked by illness and stopped at the house of David Burns, where he quietly passed away in his 61st year, having been a minister for nearly forty years.
He married:

1) Phebe Hoag, daughter of Joseph Hoag and Huldah Case of Charlotte, VT, in November, 1800. She was born on September 9, 1783 and died July 1, 1816. Her father had the wonderful vision in 1803 [q.v. see [0115]].

The children of Valentine Meader and Phebe Hoag were:

i. Abigail Meader, born November 7, 1801 and died June 7, 1803.
ii. Joseph Hoag Meader, born March 29, 1804 and died in February, 1808.
0210 iii. Joshua Field Meader, born September 10, 1806 and died May 29, 1872.
1529 iv. Nathaniel Hoag Meader, born January 4, 1809 and died September 21, 1829 at Unity, NH of typhoid fever while on a religious visit with his father.
1530 v. Huldah Abigail Meader, born March 30, 1811.
0211 vi. Eliza Beth Meader, born March 24, 1814 and died September 29, 1863.
1531 vii. Phebe Hoag Meader, born May 4, 1816 and died December 20, 1864. She married Tobias Meader [0154].
2) On June 7, 1818 Joanna Battey, daughter of Nicholas and Thankful Battey of Starksboro, Vt. She was born in December 7, 1791 and died September 8, 1864, in her 73rd year. She had previously been married to Jonathan Miller, father to her daughter Mary Meader's [0214] husband.

The children of Valentine Meader and Joanna Battey were:

0212 viii. Valentine Joseph Meader, born April 18, 1819 and died July 16, 1858.
0213 ix. Lydia Battey Meader, born August 16, 1823 and died after 1891.
0214 x. Mary Varney Meader, born August 25, 1828 and died February 4, 1879.
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