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0014. Moses Wyer Meader (1717 - a.1749) Gender: M
Born: August 26, 1717 in Nantucket, MA
Died: a.1749

0014. Moses Wyer Meader (1717 - a.1749)

Moses Wyer Meader, son of Joseph Meader (1681-1759) [0005] and Charity Nason (b.1682), was born on Nantucket August 26, 1717. He married Martha Canney, born June 17, 1718 the daughter of Thomas Canney and Rose Pinkham. Thomas Canney was a descendant of the Thomas Canney who settled in Piscataqua in 1631. Rose was the daughter of John Pinkham and the granddaughter of Richard Pinkham, the first settler of Dover, NH, and Rose (Otis) Pinkham, daughter of Richard Otis, one of the earliest settlers of Dover.

There is nothing definite in the will of Joseph Meader [0005] by which the boundaries of his landed estate can be located. He lived in the same house in which his father lived, and he divided his possessions between his son Moses [0040] and Joseph [0015]. These were the "younger sons who returned with their father from Nantucket to New Hampshire." The original lands must have been somewhat diminished in extent before the division between Moses and Joseph, the deed of gift being dated August 26, 1749. It is plainly expressed, however, that Joseph [0005] then lived with his father in the same house he [John Meader, 2] had inherited from John Meader [0001], There is an account that Moses Meader came from Kecheady, the home of the John Hanson who married Elizabeth Meader [0008] on the outskirts of Dover, to Durham, and afterward moved to New Durham Ridge, Stratford, NH.

According to the more reliable source, the children of Moses Meader and Martha Canney were:

0040 i. Moses Meader, born about 1752.

1317 ii. Rose Anne Meader, who married David Ellis and lived and died with her father's family at New Durham.

1318 iii. Sarah Meader.

1319 iv. Mary Meader.

1320 v. Charity Meader.