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2592. Thelman Meader ( - )

2592. Thelman Meader ( - )
Thelman Meader, son of Charles Meader (b.1885) [1133] and Annie Bigelow (d.1970). He married Mary Ann Goodspeed. They lived in Michigan in 1980.
- Jane Meader Nye, Ballston Lake, NY

His name is actually Fehlman Meader and he is still alive in Michigan. He was married to Marion Goodspeed. They married in June of 1937. He is my grandfather and he had four daughters and two sons. Daughters are Bernice, Clair, Joy and Ann. Sons are Burton (deceased) and Ora Meader of Davenport, Iowa.
- Owen Miller
(2010-07-03 15:06:48 Owen Miller)
U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2 about Fehlman O Meader Name: Fehlman O Meader Birth Date: 21 Oct 1913 Current State: MI
- from the US Public Records
(2010-07-03 19:27:21 Owen Miller)
Fehlman Meader has passed away December 1, 2010 in Michigan at the age of 97. His wife, Marion (not actually Mary Ann) passed away in 2002. His son, Ora Fehlman Meader, passed away May 23, 2011 in Davenport, IA at the age of 57. Fehlman Meader is survived by his daughters Bernice Avery, Clair Alwood, Joy Walter, and Ann Holzheur.
- Fehlman Meader's daughter Joy Meader Walter and the obituary for Ora Fehlman Meader.
(2011-06-25 01:43:23 Owen Miller)