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2261. Glenn Stephens Meader, III (1956 - ) Gender: M
Born: July 1, 1956 in Chelsea, MA

Glenn Stephens Meader, III., son of Glenn S. Meader, Jr (b.1929) [0616] and Marion Woitke (b.1928), was born in Chelsea, MA July 1, 1956..
He graduated Heidelberg American High School in 1975.
He received a BFA in Drama from Carnegie Mellon University in 1979.
He was involved in the beginning of the personal computer business and helped start Progress Software Corp. (1984-1997)
Lived in Cambridge, MA 1979-1997
Moved to San Francisco in 1997.
He has worked since then as a web developer - he programmed this online genealogy.
Currently lives in Berkeley, CA (2020)

 Glenn in 2006