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2259. Beulah Jontie Meader (1907 - 1951)
Born: 1907
Died: 1951

2259. Beulah Jontie Meader (1907 - 1951)
Beulah Jontie Meader, daughter of Frank E. Meader (1872-1928) [2004] and Mary O'Connor (1878-1953), was born in Haverhill, MA May 12, 1907 and died in Salem, MA September 7, 1951. September 1, 1926 in Salem she married Gerard Cote, M.D., born May 24, 1898 in Isle Verte, Canada the son of Joseph N. Cote and Lucie Rouleau. He was a Captain in the Army Medical Corps in World War II. In 1978 he was living in Florida.
The children of Beulah Meader and Gerard Cote were:

i. Marie Claire Cote, born February 13, 1928 in Hudson, MA.
She married:

1) Joseph F. Pelletier July 19, 1947 in Salem, the son of Joseph F. Pelletier and Sylvia Pineau of Salem. He died October 29, 1965 in Bennington, VT and was buried in Salem. He was a veteran of world War II. They had two children.

2) James H. Edmonds June 22, 1969 in Salem, born October 28, 1913 in New York City the son of Anna and William Edmonds. They had no children. In 1978 they were living in Boston, MA.

ii. Colette T. Cote, born August 13, 1932 in Salem.
She married:

1) Donald Bouchard February 10, 1952 in Salem, born in Salem January 24, 1930 the son of Adrian Bouchard and Adelaide Richard. They had two children.

2) Leslie W. Fenton November 5, 1972 in Salem, born in England the son of Leslie Roy Fenton and Amy Isabel Weedon. They had no children. In 1978 they were living in Nashua, NH.

iii. Gerard P. Cote, born in Salem August 17, 1934.
He married:

1) Bernice N. LaPointe December 26, 1952 in Salem. They had 3 children.

2) Claryse Evans in November, 1976.